Our design center

Our design center is led by an experimented Technic & Quality Director coming from automotive industry, and has a motivated team of three innovative experts. Our designs are at best technical level to meet our customers’ specifications and to answers to their requirements in terms of innovation and industrialization.

We continue to focus on innovation to increase significantly our capability to develop and industrialize more optimized solutions, answering to our customers’ requirements in terms of quality, sustainability and production costs.

Our solutions

Our markets cover a wide range of industrial sectors such as automotive, ground transport vehicles, train, aerospace, energy, medicine, toys, signalization panels...

  • Machined elements

    We manufacture complex and big dimensions’ parts in aluminum, steel, stainless steel...

  • Molds

    Thanks to the knowledge of our customers’ needs and to our manufacturing capabilities, we can proactively understand the needs of our customers to be manufacture the solutions which they need.

    We design and industrialize all kind of molds destined to plastic injection of different materials and according to different process.