Who are we?

We are a proactive and expert team of about 20 employees, working in close loop with our customers in order to design and build the solutions which they need.

We have a wide range of expertise enabling to supply services such as:
  • design of specific molds by our technical center
  • manufacturing of molds or other metallic parts in our shop
  • use of external subcontracting whenever required
  • industrialization of our solutions under the conditions defined by our customers
  • revamping and maintenance of molds

We have a wide range of technical capabilities enabling the manufacturing of molds and other metallic parts from several kg to more than 25 tons.

Our values

For us, our employees are at the center of our preoccupation. We give the highest priority to their safety and health conditions and we continue to work with them on our training and on hiring the best talents.

We are very concerned by all actions to reduce the industrial carbon foot-print and to save our planet. We are working in close relationship with our customers to develop and industrialize innovative solutions for decarbonization and at the lowest possible cost.

We aim the excellence by focusing on the Quality and the Innovation of our products. An ISO9001 certification is on track. Our Technical and Quality director coming from the automotive is working with our clients to develop and industrialize new more optimized solutions.

Our plant

Our plant is located on the cross of several motorways, at about 20 km from Lyon and its international airport and railway stations. The plant is at less than 100 km of other French big cities such as Grenoble and Saint-Etienne, and not so far from Swiss (Geneva 200 km) and Italian boundaries (Torino 400 km).